Brief submission guidelines

Brief is the official University of Minnesota staff and faculty weekly news digest, featuring human resource, employee benefit, administrative, legislative, budgetary, event, and other pertinent information. Publication is every Wednesday. The deadline for submissions is at noon on the Friday before the date of publication. Contact the Brief editor

Brief relies on the content provider to be the expert in determining the "value" of the submission; however, the editor retains the final decision on publication. Submissions should be regarded as "high-level" information. Because of this, Brief prefers having a single individual contributor designated per campus/college/department. Generally, this person is your communications professional. For the outstate campuses, those individuals are: Cassandra Morthera Navarrete (UMC); Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann (UMD); Jenna Ray (UMM); and Mamisoa Knutson (UMR).

Criteria for inclusion in Brief

  • Submissions should be 70 words or less and include only relevant, factual information. Because Brief entries are succinct, events should offer a link.
  • Brief will include no more than five entries per campus, with the exception of the Twin Cities campuswhich, because of its size, will receive space for about 10 entries. All other TC entries will be held over for a later issue or placed in the UMTC Featured Events section.
  • Entries will not be included more than once per quarter unless there is significant justification to do so from an administrative perspective. Entries will never appear in back-to-back issues.
  • The Brief editor retains the right to edit content according to Brief style and at the editor’s discretion. When making modifications to an entry, the editor will make every effort to notify the contributor of those changes before publication, but it may not always be possible to do so.

A word on content

  • The news is “need-to-know” administrative news.
  • The news should be of broad appeal to faculty and staff. More focused or discipline specific events should first seek out a targeted University publication. 
  • The news helps to make the U more accessible to, and create connections (build relationships) among faculty and staff.
  • The news promotes healthy lives for faculty and staff.
  • The news includes components of the U’s mission of outreach, research, teaching, and education.
  • Brief will not include calls for research participants or course advertisements.

A word on events

  • Events that are sponsored by or directly involve faculty/staff and/or that appeal to faculty/staff will be preferred.
  • Events should take place on the respective campus. Events held off-campus are in most cases considered only after on-campus events have been included.
  • Brief will in general not include multiple events from the same unit/college/department within the same issue in order to give equal opportunity for space, and to focus on high-priority events.
  • Events should appear in Brief with some advance notice prior to the event. 
  • Free events will be favored over fee-required events.

Criteria for inclusion in the People section of Brief

The People section of Brief is for those announcements/awards heavily focused on an individual. Most important are those individuals who are on the payroll—faculty and staff. People featured usually include faculty, dean designation or above, executive administration, or an administrative appointment that touches all colleges/departments in its function—for example, a director of equity and diversity. In general, the awards featured are of major significance.